My Whac-A-Mole Life: Flowers Are Pretty (Except When Scattered on My Floor in Shards of Glass)   

Flowers Are Pretty (Except When Scattered on My Floor in Shards of Glass)


Some complicated, new disclosure laws have caused upheaval in the blogosphere, requiring all kinds of fancy language around sponsored posts. Well, of course! The good news here, though, is we don't have to worry about any of that today. Here's your disclaimer: The sponsor is giving me absolutely NOTHING. You get a gorgeous bouquet of flowers. Me? Nada. Except, hopefully, your adoration and gratitude, so give it generously!

As you can imagine, I hear from and turn down so many sponsors wanting to give you stuff (that's a lie), but when Teleflora contacted me, I jumped on it for two reasons  First, it allows me to give YOU something quite lovely. And second, I immediately remembered that I snapped this pic awhile ago and have been waiting for just the right moment to share it. Win and win. (Really, can you BELIEVE sponsors aren't beating down my door!)

Happy Valentine's Day, Sucka!
So, my husband brought me flowers on Valentine's Day. I tell him time and time again, I don't care about celebrating Valentine's Day, but I know he's not sure if I mean it.

I swear I honestly mean it, but he wasn't willing to take the he gave me this completely original bouquet of red roses (wherever did he come up with the idea?). In a vase. A glass vase. Oh they sure were pretty. And "pretty" always translates into "too pretty for our home."

If you are a loyal reader (ha ha ha), you know these two things about my daughter:
  1. Lately, she has been proactively "helpful" (See Collateral Damage).
  2. Even when well-intentioned, she is fast, strong and frequently destructive (See Mommy on The Run).
So, it was only a matter of time - in this case, a few hours - before THIS (see photo above) happened as she tried, overtly against her mother's loud protests, to add water to the vase. Crash! Thanks for the gift, honey; now I get to clean it up.


Ooh. Aah. So pretty!
Teleflora Mother's Day Flowers
Fear not. THIS bright, beautiful bouquet of flowers (see photo left) will be delivered to someone other than me - someone who can offer them a SAFE home. (Remember - I'm not even getting a flower petal out of this deal.)

One of you will be the lucky winner of the "Always a Lady Bouquet" (snicker) from my delightful sponsor, Teleflora.

This locally hand-arranged bouquet includes a dozen white roses with pink asiatic lilies and variegated pittosporum in a classic, clear glass vase. You could buy it for $72.95 plus $14.95 delivery...OR you can just win it for free - right here on my little blog.

Side Note: I should remind you that Mother's Day is coming up, and you definitely should consider ordering something for your baby mama from Teleflora. (But don't expect to get off easy with this freebie. I read the fine print and the delivery window opens AFTER Mother's Day, which is on May 12th. Sorry!)

Okay, enough chit-chat. HERE'S WHAT YOU NEED TO DO.
  • Comment right here on this very post. THAT'S IT!
    • Please include a way for me to contact you if you win. If you don't reply within two days, I am moving on! So be sure to sign in via Facebook or Twitter or whatever....or include your info in the comment.
    • Winner will be chosen randomly by the editor. (Fancy, right? That's me.)
    • Entries must be submitted by midnight EST on May 3, 2013, and winner will be selected and alerted by midnight EST, May 6, 2013.
    • You choose a date between May 15th to August 15th, 2013 for your flowers to be hand-delivered by a florist to the address of your choice in the United States. We'll go over the details once I choo-choo-choose you.
  • But wait, there's more! Teleflora is offering you ANOTHER chance to win. After commenting here, you can "like" Teleflora's Facebook Page, where they are giving away another bouquet. Have at it!
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