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All Kids Do That: Obsessions

I'm willing to bet that even if your kid's issues aren't as screwed up complex as mine, you've heard this phrase before: "Oh, all kids do that."

I know it's meant to be comforting. But to an anxious parent - who has bravely put their worst fears out there - I posit that it instills reassurance maybe 1-3 percent of the time.

The other 97-99 percent of the time, it likely does the opposite. It can belittle, demean and certainly invalidate a parent's instincts.

My child's speech seems to be regressing!
"Oh, all kids do that. As one skill develops, others might go under the radar. Give it some time."

My child is waking up at night with an excruciating headache.
"Oh, all kids do that. He's probably having nightmares. Or allergies. Give it some time."

Wrong and wrong. 

Today, I'm sitting at the cool kid's table doing my first guest post. Hooray! Jill Smo conceived this awesome "All Kids Do That" series on her snarky, very real blog "Yeah. Good Times."

Head over there to check out her pad, the brilliant "All Kids do That" series, and my very first, bloggy guest post. See you there!

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